Willamette Watershed + Sub-basins

The nested scales of watershed linking is evident in the Bureau of Environmental Services mapping of watershed and sub-basins, along with detailed characterization of the areas.  The Willamette Watershed is a good starting point: 

The Willamette plan area includes the portions of Portland that drain directly into the river. It is highly urbanized, and most of the floodplain has been filled and developed. Many of the natural surface streams have been diverted into the sewer system, and impervious surfaces cover a large portion of the plan area.”


The sub-basins are shown within the entire watershed zone, and a closer look at one of the particular basins, in this case the Oak-Alder-Divison subwatershed: 

“The Oak-Alder-Division subwatershed extends from the Willamette River between the Burnside and Ross Island Bridges to near SE 39th Avenue. It is defined as the Oak, Alder, and Division sewer basins. There are no stream channels in the subwatershed. “



Additional information for the sub-watershed characterizations include: Habitat and Biological Communities,
Infrastructure, Land Use and Population, Landscape and Hydrology, Stewardship, and Water Quality with detailed information related to each.  There is also the ability to create custom maps including land use features:






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