Vacancy in Youngstown

As a counterpoint to F.A.D.’s previous post on Portland’s planned expansion…

To assess the degree of urban shrinkage in Youngstown Ohio, The Mahoning Valley Organizing Collaborative just completed a city-wide vacancy survey of  all 62,000 parcels in the city:

Legend:  magenta = vacant lots, blue-to-cyan = vacant structures.  (click image for larger view)

“…43.7 percent of the parcels within the City of Youngstown experience some form of vacancy.  The city’s total percentage of vacant land is 36.4 percent or two and a half times the national average of 15.4 percent (Brookings). There are 4,500 vacant structures and over 22,000 vacant lots in the city.  Even more compelling is the ratio of vacant structures per 1,000 residents, which is another indicator, used to measure the extent of the problem. The vacant structure per 1,000 residents ratio in Youngstown is 61.8 or 23 times the national average of (2.63).”

– More information and unaltered maps are available here

– Read Youngstown’s  2010 plan and subsequent strategic demolition plan ,and a great analysis of Youngstown’s de-urbanization process in Pierre Belanger’s Landscape as Infrastructure essay.

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