Text as Metropolis: Everything Must Move (2)

A follow-up to the previous discussion of the ‘clusters’ of Everything Must Move:

Luke Bulman of Thumb kindly forwarded me the above diagram, which served as the organizational framework for the unidentified clusters of the book Everything Must Move.  The stops along the blue path correlate to the chronology of clusters of the book, thus one moves from periphery to center (the index) and back out again, thus generating a bibliophile’s urban transect.

Bulman adds:

“…So, with the clusters we were looking for a way to organize 15 years worth of material in a way that revealed something about their content and also cause the material from different eras to “rub up against each other.”

This is partially because we wanted to avoid chronological organization since it would imply that “progress” was being made toward some kind of historical culmination, but more importantly because we wanted some kind of meta-structure that had a relationship to the city in a general sense. In a way we organized the projects as the city would, according to geography and opportunity.

We understood Houston to operate according to a number of ringed concentric territories (Houston’s urban structure is described by residents as “inside the loop” and “outside the loop” referring to the 610 ring road ) one could take a trip through. Thus navigating the book is a little like working your way through the city.”
(again, see previous post for scale of Houston’s ring road)

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