The City Speaks: Living Walls Conference call for Artists, Designers and Speakers

“Our intentions are simply to broadcast to the attendees a wide spectrum of ideas about public space. We hope that everyone leaves the event looking at the city, its walls, and how we interact with space differently.”

…we will showcase the works of a selection of international artists who use city streets as an outlet and canvas for their work. Currently, we are seeking artists that re-appropriate the public realm in order to take ownership and mediate space. We are also seeking a range of speakers who are interested in alternative, unconventional methods of spatial use...the Living Walls conference has set out to highlight a number of problems facing the city. Living Walls is not just a showcase of art, but also an attempt to provoke much-needed dialogue. “

[…The ‘other’ living wall.  De-advertisement by Sean Martindale, from the NYSAT project]

The Living Walls conference will be held August 13th-15th of this summer.  See the Living Walls website for a growing list of artists and speakers that will be participating in the event.  The organizers are defining the grassroots conference (and their approach to urbanism in general)  in contrast to the Congress for New Urbanism’s 18th annual session (CNU 18) that will also be taking place in Atlanta this May, which as they point out, if you’re not a ‘congressional’ member, isn’t cheap.  The Living Walls conference is free and open to able talents with progressive ideas related to urbanism and the occupation of urban space.

The non-embedded mixing of art, outsider expression, installation and dialogue on urban public space has refreshing  potential. What the conference will be is interestingly open-ended and dependent on who participates.  The international collection of urban art is wonderfully ambitious – an ephemeral reshaping of the mental space of Atlanta.  And given the size of the sprawled-out city, there will be no shortage of wall space.

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