Ecological Urbanism, Reviewed

[OMA’s proposal for Zeekracht: “The urgency of sustainable and secure energy calls for a collective mobilization of intelligence and ambition that exceeds standard piecemeal solutions to climate change. Zeekracht, a masterplan for the North Sea, maps out a massive renewable energy infrastructure engaging all its surrounding countries – and potentially those beyond – in a supra-national effort that will be both immediately exploitable and conducive to decades of coordinated development.]

If you missed the GSD’s Ecological Urbanism Conference last year, or have had trouble making it through the on-line, low-res recordings from it, its now available in a very thick book from Lars Muller Publishers.  Urban Tick is currently running a great series of posts reviewing publication by a group of guest researchers, bloggers, and designers.

Given the ecological content of the first two chapters of the concurrent Infrastructural City Blogiscussion (here and here), there are likely to be some productive crossovers.

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