Walkmobile: Traffic Without the Vehicle

[“The Austrian civil engineer Hermann Knoflacher developed the Gehzeug, or walkmobile, in 1975 to allow a pedestrian to approximate the amount of space taken by a motorist. It is ideal for protesting against the primacy given to automobiles in the city, or just taking a walk in traffic. Knoflacher’s experiment has been repeated in cities from Austria to Thailand, illustrating the spatial possibilities of urban areas without automobiles.”]

The above image is lifted from The Canadian Center for Architecture’s 2009 exhibit “What you Can Do with the City”, action #67: Wood Makes People as Big as Cars. The image would have come in handy last week for the What is traffic? discussion.  It’s also an interesting predecessor to the activism of Park(ing) Day.

I came across the image while paging through the exhibit’s accompanying publication, which contains some great essays by a diverse collection of authors.  Results of the second round of the exhibition should be announced soon.

[Image courtesy Urban Activism]

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