Ecological Urbanism Blogiscussion: Take #2

“The second sequel on Ecological Urbanism focuses on space and the design thereof. This sequel is an opportunity to question how space, as a product of cultural and social organisation, has to be reconfigured in order to allow for a more sustainable performance…space as the raw material in cities is the place of the so called ‘user’, the citizen as a fundamental part of the discussion. Ecological Urbanism begs an important question: how do (and will) we create, use and interact with urban space?”

A second round of discussions on the topic of Ecological Urbanism is currently being hosted by Annick Labeca, Taneha Bacchin, dpr-barcelona and UrbanTick.  An introduction and a list of the contributors can be found here.

We are looking forward to the discussion and have contributed a post called Shepherds, Scouts and Experimentation at dpr-barcelona.  Amongst other things, we discuss Joseph Beuy’s performance art, the Oregon Range Rider Program and fast twitch design practices to guide what ecologies are up for discussion.

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