Signs of Momentary Displacement

[Electroboutique’s Airport“…a utopian transport system where only the media network that enables a feedback with passengers has remained.“]

[Urban Blooz See Through Campaign “The graphic is made up of an accumulation of urban elements like aerials, antenna towers, pylons, streetlights.”]

[Federation Square, Melbourne Australia.  Source]

[Yucatan Mirror Displacements , Robert Smithson As pictures, the mirrors are entries to other worlds, the equivalents of scenes from the Bible or from ancient Pre-Columbian mythology. But they are also indications of disjunctions in our understanding of how the world is put together, what material and spiritual consciousness mean. They are literal avatars of illusion. Photographs–like maps, measurements, geological excavations–doubly embody the illusion of knowing, because on the one hand they are assumed to reproduce a scene precisely, when in fact that assumption is the very basis for misinterpretation, and because they contribute to a larger body of knowledge, which itself, perforce, must be full of misapprehensions, imprecisions, or at least questions.” Source]

Airport and the See Through Campaign were spotted in the worthwhile Urban Interventions.


  1. I’d say that Lead Pencil Studio’s “Non-Sign II” fits pretty perfectly in this bunch.

  2. Fantastic.
    Would love to see the construction drawings.

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