SHIFT 1 + 2

The Premier issue of SHIFT, produced by the ambitious student body at the North Carolina State University College of Design, is now available.  Shift seeks to “provide a scholarly and provocative forum for emerging issues at the forefront of theory and practice in landscape architecture and related disciplines by soliciting and featuring peer reviewed student research & scholarship impacting landscape architectural theory and practice.

The publication is peer reviewed by a select group of academics and practitioners that has included the likes of Kristina Hill, Jeff Hou, and William Wenk.  The first issue concerns itself with contemporary takes on Infrastructure, and the forthcoming second issue will explore process and methods of design communication.  Below is the full call for submissions for interested students (and those who were recently students):

The inaugural issue of SHIFT: infrastructure suggests that the
integration of natural systems into the built environment provides for
a more sustainable model of landscape architecture in infrastructure
design. However, the skillful employment of ecological principles does
not necessarily ensure a culturally sensitive design.  In the 21st
century, Landscape Architecture faces the challenge of not only
creating ecologically regenerative designs, but doing so in a way that
engages the public through education, community mobilization, and
inspiration. This is important not only for the long-term viability of
the design, but also for its economic success.

How can we as students re-imagine the design process that engages
modern culture (such as changes in media, communication technology,
and social networking)? This new process should holistically integrate
the designer, the users, and ecology in the process of design. What
does this process look like? Where does it take place? How do these
processes improve on current techniques?

SHIFT: process calls for submissions from current students from any
discipline, or student work from graduates within the past 2 years.
We are looking for work that encourages debate and discussion of this
important topic through informed and academically rigorous creative
thinking. Each submission will be reviewed by an independent jury,
which is composed of nationally recognized leaders in Landscape

Submissions may be: academic essays (up to 3,000 words), narratives,
project graphics including mixed media, or anything one considers key
in communicating their ideas. We strongly encourage graphics,
photography, diagrams, flash animation, stop motion animation, models,
social networking tools, games, community building art forms, puzzles,
interactive media of any kind, and…you get the idea. Each
submissions must include a concise written abstract with bibliography.

Please make your submissions by February 15th, 2011 Questions? Please


  1. namhenderson · ·

    Didn’t know much about NCSU. Look like pretty interesting work. Again though specifically for me, with their Larch and March program, entry portfolio requirements, I would need to look at the PhD in Design track.

    You know much about the program there? There’s a chance i might even in up near Raleigh.

  2. Hey Nam. I’m not much help in this inquiry as I haven’t been there, or personally know anyone teaching there. Best of luck with the search.

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