Cultural Weeds and Vegetated Graffiti

Graffiti and its in-tandem regimes of mesmerizing cover-ups blanket the walls of Portland’s Eastside industrial district; a language and territorial quandary selectively expressed in paint.

Echoing the painted patterns of the graffiti cover up, seeded symbols of ‘turf’ were implanted on the open lots adjacent to the walls, bringing the informal discussion to the ground plane in a palette of different materials.  Other than occasionally being run over by vehicles, the installation was left intact throughout the fall and the subsequent winter, seemingly ignored or respected while the wall behind it was redecorated again and again.  As the patches of grass thickened and matured, some of them were unexpectedly appropriated as soft sleeping pads by people living on the street.


  1. namhenderson · ·

    I like the idea of grass based intervention in the realm(s) of homeless advocacy is very interesting. Thinking scaled up. However, the fact that this was an unintentional consequence is i think brilliant!

  2. Perhaps at the scale of fields and lots.

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