Sails and Folds

Prototypes of new efficiencies in Port-to-Port logistics that go beyond mere efficiency:

Kite boarding for cargo ships: See Deconcrete’s reporting on wind propulsion and sky sails:  “They consist of a simple device to be attached to existing vessels, without big changes in their basic structure”.  The sails have the added benefit of providing more stability to the ship, which could potentially lead to fewer incidents of this, and this.

Do the collapse:  We may soon be able to counter the embodiment of our trade deficits, or more precisely, the very lack of material embodiment of container cargo leaving our coasts.  Instead of these cargo vessels making the return trip to Asia with a vacuous and costly cargo of air-filled containers, we could fold them away like deck furniture:

(Top image of MS “Theseus” courtesy of Sky Sails)

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