Landscapes of Dredge

If you are in the D.C. area, I’ll be giving a presentation at Virginia Tech’s Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center this Friday at 4pm EST.  As part of a soft landscapes mini series, we will be presenting our recent research into what we like to call the dredge cycle.

Rather than a linear act of industrial engineering, dredging is part of a wider system of anthropogenically-accelerated sediment handling processes which generate a fascinating array of landscapes.  We will take a tour of the interconnected landscapes of silt fences, toxic waste landfills, shipping channels, hydroelectric dams, geotubes, bioremediation fields, dredging barges and sensate geotextiles.   Collectively, the choreography of these landscapes embody an expanding counterpart to conventionally defined geologic cycles.

Fred Scharmen (of sevensixfive and the Working Group on Adaptive Systems) will be presenting “soft sites” this afternoon.

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    thanks for all

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