Post Ideological

[Thomas Ruff’s Nacht 15 III, 1994, appropriating infrared surveillance technology as used by military and popular media in the Gulf War.]

“Today we find ourselves in a jealous mood, yet at the same time disillusioned, looking back to the times when revolutionary urban ideologies were not only conceived but actually, unlike today, also truly believed in. Just think about the passionate ideas of the Situationist International, who tried to overthrow the advanced capitalist society in the late 1950s and 1960s. Guy Debord, one of its founding members, argued in 1967 that spectacular features such as mass media and advertising play a central role in an advanced capitalist society, presenting us with a fake reality in order to mask the actual capitalist degradation of human life. This issue of MONU is not supposed to celebrate Marxism, our society should not make that mistake again, but at present we find ourselves once again surrounded and confronted by innumerable fake realities and hypocritical urban ideologies such as Green Urbanism or Neo-Urban Socialism, to name but a few. Conceived with the best of intentions, they are nonetheless widely used merely as promotional strategies of companies and institutions to maintain a positive and politically correct public image…

…is there a need for new or true ideologies when it comes to cities, city planning, and urban design? And if there is, what should those new and true urban ideologies look like? And if there is no need – or no hope – and we agree with Francis Fukuyama, who stated almost twenty years ago that we are living in a post-ideological age, in which redemptive, all-encompassing ideologies have failed, what does that mean for our cities and their future? What might be the advantages and disadvantages of a Post-Ideological Urbanism in general?”  -Excerpt from Bernd Upmeyer’s call for submissions for MONU’s Post-Ideological Urbanism Issue.

Acrobatic narratives.  Ubiquitous propaganda machines.  Institutionalized activism.  Urbanism of the neo-liberal hegemony.   Erasure urbanism of urban renewal.  Sustainability + Green as God.  The strange pleasures of cognitive dissonance and the possibilities of an architectural slipstream.  Lady Gaga urbanism; pastiche and remix from the vast discards of past and current manifestos.  All this and quite a bit more can be found in MONU’s latest themed collection: Post-Ideological Urbanism.

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