Buoy Wave Park

[Section and model rendering of the pv150 PowerBuoy, by Ocean Power Technologies]

The U.S.’s first federally approved commercial wave energy infrastructure is readying for deployment off the coast of Oregon.  In an ocean array 2 miles from shore, each energy producing buoy will measure 150 feet tall by 40 feet wide, and weigh 200 tons:

As interesting as the bobbing devices themselves is the interactive Google Earth marine zoning map used to help decide where the 30 acre array was to be sited.  If you go there, you can trace the paths of the undersea telecommunication cables,  commercial shipping lanes, dredge spoil sites, see the ocean floor contours and their habitat classifications, review Oregon’s territorial sea plans, and take note of where all the optimal fishing grounds are (fishermen reluctantly revealed their favored fishing locations in the hopes of preserving them).  I’ve never seen a more comprehensive mapping of the Oregon coast, nor a map that demonstrates just how intricately claimed the ocean territory is.

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    Is this the future – can it be made to work here in a Southern ocean?

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