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SHIFT 1 + 2

The Premier issue of SHIFT, produced by the ambitious student body at the North Carolina State University College of Design, is now available.  Shift seeks to “provide a scholarly and provocative forum for emerging issues at the forefront of theory and practice in landscape architecture and related disciplines by soliciting and featuring peer reviewed student […]

Vote for Griffintown

[Police Station, ‘Variables on a Theater‘] “Griffintown Interrupted is an international ideas competition which invites speculation on temporary inhabitation, the urban potential of post-industrial lands, and the possibility of dynamic, incremental architectures…an open platform for discourse and debate which blurs the line between competition and collaboration, merging the traditional aims of the competition (winning authorship) […]

Re-envisioning Paris

“We need to rethink the city. To look further and deeper. To do everything possible to make our cities better to live in, more attractive, more sustainable, more human…time to begin a major effort of reflection, time to revitalize our thinking about cities, so that our modern landscapes should no longer be a simple residue […]

Landscape Architecture China: Urbanism for Expanding Cities

F.A.D. recently had an article we wrote with Jason King published in the second issue of the new journal Landscape Architecture China.  This issue is devoted to landscape urbanism and has some interesting articles (in both Chinese and English).  Our article is titled:  Urbanism for Expanding Cities: Designing the conjugal interface of contrasting systems. Here […]

urban ecotones

Urban Ecotones: Transitional Spaces for Commerce and Culture Project Statement: This design intervention provides a vision for how innovative home building centers can thrive economically, adapt to anticipated future city conditions, and provide a model for regenerating critical habitat corridors at a city-wide scale. We assert that the major challenge to current and future big […]