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Pearls from Phosphorous

[Map of Aquatic Dead Zones and human population density (altered), courtesy of NASA Earth Observatory] The irony of peak phosphorous is that while there is a perceived shortage, there is an excess amount of phosphorous found throughout the human-influenced environment, exactly where we don’t want it and which we mostly don’t know what to do […]

Infrastructure and Lifespans

[Demolition of the Trojan Power Plant, Oregon, 2006, after 16 years of service.  Image via flickr user snowbeard] “90 percent of the 104 nuclear power plants in the U.S. are already more than 20 years old and half have been operating for more than 30 years 62 nuclear powerplant have been granted 20 year extensions […]


[the interior of IBM's Operation Center in Rio De Janeiro. "The new Operations Center in Rio provides the incident commander and responders with a single, unified view of all the information that they require for situational awareness."  Images and caption courtesy of IBM.] A recent New York Times’ article, “Mission Control Built For Cities“, provides […]

‘Drawing Water’

[Maps from David Hicks Drawing Water Series.  Winter, 2011 (top) and Midwest, 2011 (bottom)] David Wicks MA thesis project, Drawing Water, links USGS national water consumption data with rainfall data compiled by NOAA/NWS in a series of maps. The data are parsed with Python scripts and the prints (above) were generated using software written on […]

Recruitment of Entropy (Advancing Deltas V)

[A view of the shifting delta in what was Condit Dam's Northwestern Lake.] It has been almost four months since Condit Dam was intentionally breached by blasting a tunnel through its concrete base.  As much has happened since then, here are some notes from the field. Amongst other events and trials, local media has remarked […]

21st Century Sand Bags

[A geotube dewatering field, source] Tencate, a leading transnational provider of geosynthetics and industrial fabrics, recently announced that it will be deploying its largest North American installation of geotubes® for the dredging of the superfund site of Onondaga Lake, in the State of New York: “As a result of over a century of industrial activity […]

Loving Logistics

Recall UPS’ “We Love Logistics” advertising campaign from last year: The advertisement provides an illustration of a particular utopia, a corporate dream of the urban as a bundle of transportation networks that optimize the efficient exchange of objects and things. ….. Fast forward a year later.  Last month FedEx – UPS’ biggest competitor – announced […]

Talking Dredge at Studio-X NYC

If you are in or near NYC later this month, our cohorts will be presenting some of our recent research at Studio-X NYC: “For the first LI@SX of 2012, Studio-X NYC is delighted to welcome Rob Holmes and Stephen Becker of Mammoth and Tim Maly of Quiet Babylon, three-quarters of the Dredge Research Collaborative (with […]

Owning Space + POPS Urbanism

[DSGN AGNC's mappings of privately owned public space (POPS) in Manhattan: "What happens as more and more land in the city is owned by private entities?  Will we all be welcome?  To what extent will these spaces remain public?  What avenues will the public have through which to request changes?"] #whOWNSpace maps are featured in […]

Post-Panamax Earthworks

[Before and after images of the "removal of De Lesseps Island as part of the works for widening and deepening the navigational channels in Culebra Cut and Gatun Lake, for safer Post-Panamax vessel transits through the new channel. The removal of this island will allow straight-course navigation in this area"] As part of the Panama […]


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