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[the interior of IBM’s Operation Center in Rio De Janeiro. “The new Operations Center in Rio provides the incident commander and responders with a single, unified view of all the information that they require for situational awareness.”  Images and caption courtesy of IBM.] A recent New York Times’ article, “Mission Control Built For Cities“, provides […]

‘Drawing Water’

[Maps from David Hicks Drawing Water Series.  Winter, 2011 (top) and Midwest, 2011 (bottom)] David Wicks MA thesis project, Drawing Water, links USGS national water consumption data with rainfall data compiled by NOAA/NWS in a series of maps. The data are parsed with Python scripts and the prints (above) were generated using software written on […]

Recruitment of Entropy (Advancing Deltas V)

[A view of the shifting delta in what was Condit Dam’s Northwestern Lake.] It has been almost four months since Condit Dam was intentionally breached by blasting a tunnel through its concrete base.  As much has happened since then, here are some notes from the field. Amongst other events and trials, local media has remarked […]

Decade Hillside: The Sigirino Depot

[Point cloud visualization of existing and constructed hillside in the Sotto Ceneri mountain range] As described by Christophe Girot in Topos’ current Issue (Building With Landscape), the Sigirino Depot is “the landscape byproduct of the largest infrastructure project in Swiss history, where a series of tunnels are transpiercing the Alps from north to south to […]

Reconditioning the Urban

“The scale in which our lives unfold is at a different scale than the accumulation of processes that create the metropolis over time. What this appears to be to any one person in the metropolis is just a standard field system that make up the context of everyday life.” -Joseph Sadoski Joseph Sadoski’s Urban Agricultural […]

Conduit Urbanism

[The ‘Post Carbon Highway: Strategic Differentiation of the Sectional Construct‘] “Parallel to the current crisis of carbon-based fuel supply, planners, politicians, engineers and industrial leaders foresee a future of increasing demands for mobility combined with an unprecedented intensity of regional, polycentric urbanization and a decaying transport infrastructure… With mobility and energy infrastructural transformations already underway, […]

A Future-Present of the Networked City

[Fusione #1, 2007] I recently re-stumbled upon Giacomo Costa’s fantastical urban images.  Revisiting them a second time brought to mind recent discussions of Varnelis’ Infrastructural City.  In particular, the images above and below provide an immersive rendering of the odd possibility of towing icebergs to Los Angeles to provide a new source of water for […]

GROSS.MAX and Promiscuous Collage

Sifting through Harvard Design Magazine’s latest Issue devoted to the topics of landscape, urbanism and sustainability in reference to pleasure and erotics…. An illustrated essay by Gross.Max (Design Against Nature) reminded me the unique effects of  their collages: Part of the appeal of  GROSS.MAX’s design vignettes is that they don’t try to be photographically ‘real’ […]