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Anthropogenic Delta of Lake Mills Reservoir, Elwha River, Washington.  Above: inset model on the left shows the valley’s topography as surveyed circa 1917 before the construction of Glines Canyon Dam.  The model on the right shows topographic difference (in vertical feet) between the 1917 survey and 2010 LIDAR and Bathymetric survey data (Bureau of Reclamation), […]

Suites of New Elemental Landscapes

[Map of Upper Klamath Lake, Southern Oregon.  The lake is approximately 80,000 acres in surface area and is seen here during a summer bloom of cynaobacteria called Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, or ‘AFA’.  AFA feed upon copious amounts of phosphorous in the nutrient-laden water, caused in part by extensive landscape transformations and subsequent shifts in water flow […]

Making the Geologic Now

[Aerial view of Amwaj Island, Bahrain, where 2.79 million square meters have been reclaimed from the sea.  The foundation of these islands and its surrounding breakwaters are made of geotubes, sausage-like casings of geotextile fabric that have been pumped full of 12 million cubic meters of dredged ocean sediments recycled from navigation channels and marinas.  […]

Building Land to Know How It Erodes Away

[Top image: Sediment-thickness map, showing thickness of the sand deposit at Hewes Point, north of the Chandeleur Island chain. Sand used to construct the E-4 berm was excavated from the side of the deposit, about 3 kilometers north of the islands. Bottom: Photograph taken on April 13, 2011, of the completed E-4 berm, detached from […]

Dredge Acts of 2012

[In process earthworks (new locks) as part of the Panama Canal Expansion] “There is neither a single issue nor solution to how to prepare for future maritime transportation infrastructure needs… There is a plethora of studies, opinions and prognostications about what the effects of the new [Panama Canal] locks will be on trade flows, ship […]

N48 05.738 W123 33.287 Elwha Overlook

Near Olympic National Park, just off of highway 112, the National Park Service has set up a public viewing station facing what was formerly the Elwha Dam.  The platform is equipped with a high magnification spotting scope which one can use to peer into the various accelerated anthro-geologic  events happening there.  The series of images […]

River was: 34,131,100 points

The U.S. Geological Survey recently posted a LIDAR fly-through of what the Lower Elwha River looked like as of September 2011.  The composite of 97 on-the-ground LIDAR scans were made less than a week before the start of dismantling the Elwha and Glines Canyon Dams upstream.  The 34,131,100 georeferenced points of light will serve as […]

Recruitment of Entropy (Advancing Deltas V)

[A view of the shifting delta in what was Condit Dam’s Northwestern Lake.] It has been almost four months since Condit Dam was intentionally breached by blasting a tunnel through its concrete base.  As much has happened since then, here are some notes from the field. Amongst other events and trials, local media has remarked […]

Simulating the Holocene (Advancing Deltas IV)

[Map of Land Subsidence occurring in the Sacramento Delta since it was leveed and drained.  Image altered and borrowed from the Envisioning Futures for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Report] While in the process of exploring anthropogenic wetlands in the Upper Klamath Basin, a hydrologist with the Bureau of Land Management pointed me towards some interesting […]

Advancing Deltas III

Following yesterday’s demo blast to Condit Dam, the experimental management of 2.4-million cubic yards of potentially mobilized sediment got underway.  Surprises emerged from the get-go, as it took just over an hour to drain the dam’s reservoir (engineered scenarios predicted it would take 6 hrs), and shortly thereafter the river began cutting itself a new […]