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Drifts in Magnetic Fields

[World Magnetic Model maps notating the magnetic field’s intensity (top) and inclination lines, or angle of the earth’s magnetic field above or below horizontal (bottom)] [Film of a suspension of dissociated cells from trout “olfactory epithelium” (cells extracted from some unfortunate trout’s nose) placed under the laboratory influence of a magnetic field rotating at a […]


[the interior of IBM’s Operation Center in Rio De Janeiro. “The new Operations Center in Rio provides the incident commander and responders with a single, unified view of all the information that they require for situational awareness.”  Images and caption courtesy of IBM.] A recent New York Times’ article, “Mission Control Built For Cities“, provides […]

Post Ideological

[Thomas Ruff’s Nacht 15 III, 1994, appropriating infrared surveillance technology as used by military and popular media in the Gulf War.] “Today we find ourselves in a jealous mood, yet at the same time disillusioned, looking back to the times when revolutionary urban ideologies were not only conceived but actually, unlike today, also truly believed […]

Staring at Goats VIII: the In-situ Field Guide

[Anonymous text at the Belmont field, as we saw it just prior to the return of the goats.  We are fond of this sign’s shrewd use of materials consisting of a plastic 3 ring binder with the back ripped off and its binder clips retooled as clasps.  Delivered without punctuation, it has a wonderfully ambiguous […]

Cultural Weeds and Vegetated Graffiti

Graffiti and its in-tandem regimes of mesmerizing cover-ups blanket the walls of Portland’s Eastside industrial district; a language and territorial quandary selectively expressed in paint. Echoing the painted patterns of the graffiti cover up, seeded symbols of ‘turf’ were implanted on the open lots adjacent to the walls, bringing the informal discussion to the ground […]

50 Square Meters of Public Space

The folks at Guerrilla Innovation recently posted a great intervention by Czech artists/activists Epos 257: “Back in September, a group of Czech artists called EPOS 257 camouflaged themselves as city-workers, went to the Palackeho square in Prague and installed a fence. The fence was left on the square with no apparent intent or explanation. At […]

Signs of Momentary Displacement

[Electroboutique’s Airport.  “…a utopian transport system where only the media network that enables a feedback with passengers has remained.“] [Urban Blooz See Through Campaign “The graphic is made up of an accumulation of urban elements like aerials, antenna towers, pylons, streetlights.”] [Federation Square, Melbourne Australia.  Source] [Yucatan Mirror Displacements , Robert Smithson “As pictures, the […]