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Circuits Beneath the Freeway

[flow lines of ramps, berms, drops and various home-spun earth retaining systems beneath the I-5 freeway] While in Seattle this past weekend I had the chance to make a brief stop by the city’s Colonnade Park.  Given it’s size, I managed to cover about half of the accentuated terrain (on foot) built into the underbelly […]

Crop Circles and Urban Meadows

[Above: structures and asphalt were recently removed from this lot for planned, yet subsequently stalled construction of park space.  Exploring this interim surface, circular seedings of perennial grasses and forbs were implanted into the rubble.  These ‘crop circles’ emerged as whimsical garden tropes while functioning as test plots meant to interact with weeds spontaneously colonizing […]

Staring at Goats V: Ruminant Urbanism

[Opportunities in the void: locations of vacant land (orange) in central Portland, OR.  The circled 2-acre lot is the location of the now complete Goats on Belmont experiment.  The unassisted, free-growing vegetation on this single field was able to sustain a variable-sized herd of goats for nearly four weeks.] Having completed our ‘work‘ at the […]

Peculiar Places Exhibition

Hosted by Tickle (Taylor Cullity Lethlean’s subsidiary for design research , discourse, and collaboration), The Peculiar Places call for submissions and subsequent exhibition was initiated out of a “desire to shun design trends towards global conformity in public places” by asking participants to explore and document their city’s most unique and peculiar places in order […]

Staring at Goats IV: Time + Specificity

[view of day 9 of goats on Belmont (above and below).  We are currently in day 15] One of the questions I’ve been asked most while in the field with the goats is how long they are going to be there. This has turned out to be a hard question to answer with more accuracy […]

Staring at Goats III: Biophilia and Archetypes

[a small fraction of the interactions we have seen and engaged in at the fenced edges of our 2 acre lot @ SE 10th and Belmont Ave, Portland OR] Biophilia: ‘love of life or living systems,’  the theory of an ‘instinctive bond between human beings and animals‘. We’re not sure about the accuracy of the […]

Staring at Goats II: Deals, Code, Business

[scale of the endeavor: the urban meadow at the end of day two.  The herd of goats can be seen in the distant right hand corner] Staring at Goats, Part II (Introduction here, ongoing Flickr set here) We are intrigued by alternative forms of design practice.  By alternative we mean practices that veer outside the […]